Until Ellen Cleghorne and Melanie Hutsell get their Queen Shenequa And Jan Brady: The Original Odd Couple touring show up and running, the honor of “Most Depressing Show That Is Being Billed Dubiously As A Saturday Night Live Reunion” belongs to an upcoming gig featuring Joe Piscopo and Victoria Jackson, who—despite never actually being on SNL together—will nevertheless “reunite,” according to a press release, at Piscopo’s Club Piscopo in Atlantic City. As with all Club Piscopo performances, the evening will cater to Piscopo’s personal vision of a Rat Pack-era “hang spot,” with a free-flowing variety show that finds him slipping in and out of impressions of people like Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen as he croons his way through swing-jazz standards. And with Victoria Jackson in tow, expect a few laughs, a few ukulele-assisted songs, a few deviations into beyond-far-right rhetoric about how gays are gross and Obama is the Antichrist, and then a few moments of sated morbid curiosity before the crushing realization that you paid $25 for a show starring Joe Piscopo and Victoria Jackson.