Joe Pesci’s popped up in a few projects since “retiring” from acting in 1999—a Snickers commercial here, a Good Shepherd cameo there—but his leading role in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming The Irishman feels like a real comeback for the actor, who scored an Oscar for his turn in the director’s Goodfellas. Now, in advance of that film’s Netflix release later this year, Pesci’s returned in a new ad for Google Assistant.

There’s a meta component to the whole thing, with Pesci and his pals watching a different Google ad, this one a Home Alone parody starring an adult Macaulay Culkin that aired in December. Pesci, in a nod to one of Twitter’s best memes, hilariously explains to his buddies that Culkin’s character is “home alone” as they wait for Pesci’s single line, a voiceover recycled from the original film. “I nailed it, I did, I nailed it,” Pesci says, proud as proud can be.


Watch the full ad above.