Photo: Adult Swim / Turner

Comedian Joe Pera’s calm, soothing delivery and delightfully odd sense of humor are so contrary to the aggressively bizarre aesthetics of a typical Adult Swim show that he’s actually a perfect fit alongside Too Many Cooks and all the weirdo cartoons. Earlier this year, Pera and Adult Swim collaborated on an animated special called Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep that basically consisted of him rambling on about laid-back topics that would ease the viewer into dreamland, and it was significantly funnier than that description makes it sound.

Now, to celebrate the holidays, Adult Swim and Pera have put together an all-new live-action special called Joe Pera Helps You Find The Perfect Christmas Tree, and it promises to be just as soothingly hilarious as that last special. The A.V. Club is debuting an exclusive clip from the special that features Pera highlighting the benefits of spruce trees, and you can see it below.

Joe Pera Helps You Find The Perfect Christmas Tree will air Friday, December 9, at midnight on Adult Swim.