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Joe Dante turns to Italy for his “werewolves vs. vampires” movie

Like this, but with vampires

Italians have been responsible for some of the most infamous trash heaps in cinema history, from Nightmare City and Cannibal Holocaust to Troll 2. And like a pilgrim towards Mecca, filmmaker and proud defender of the B-movie tradition Joe Dante has made the trek to the Holy Land.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dante is currently at the Rome Film Festival’s co-production market on a quest for some Euros to make his new movie, Ombra Amore. Set in subterranean Rome, the story concerns a werewolf whose family has all but decimated a rival vampire clan—not through the traditional, violent means, but by screwing them over on the stock market. Some sort of Romeo & Juliet-type thing ensues, until we all learn that although the blood-sucking metaphor appears more apt on the surface, rich people are actually more like shape-shifting wolf creatures. Timely! Dante is billing the film as “a compelling new take on a classic genre,” which yeah, sure, why not.


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