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Joe Dante drafted to make another vampire-werewolf love story thing

Recalling the days when a young Joe Dante recycled B-roll footage for Hollywood Boulevard and parodied Jaws with Piranha, the beloved comedy-horror director is gearing up to film Monster Love, a story of Romeo and Juliet-style romance between a vampire and a werewolf whose premise by now feels as rote as the audible weary sigh that is its title. Anyway, it’s about a werewolf who falls in love with a vampire, much to the chagrin of his rough-and-tumble werewolf pals and her snobby vampire crew—like the Valley Girl of vampire-and-werewolf films, basically. The fact that Dante is involved is sort of promising—the man is great at bringing an anarchic, dark comic edge that could liven up the proceedings—but holy crow has the vampire-werewolf market ever become oversaturated. This must be what it felt like in the late 1960s when everyone suddenly went, “God, another ‘beach party’ movie?” and then got really into drugs.


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