With Marvel having rejected Fox's request for a rights extension, and the studios unwilling to work out a comic-book trade even with a couple of Fruit Roll-Ups and a nudie mag thrown in, Variety speculates that Daredevil is now poised to revert back to Disney/Marvel on October 10 as rumored, leaving the status of any possible reboot an open question to which the only certain answer is "No Ben Affleck." While no official statement has been made yet, the belief that Marvel will simply reabsorb the title is a logical progression stemming from a series of tweets made by director Joe Carnahan, who yesterday told fans that he believed his "idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids," adding that, though he felt the "pitch was tremendous and everyone flipped for it," ultimately "the clock ticked down at Fox" on getting the script together before the deadline, and "that's why it went tits up."

Carnahan then offered everyone a glimpse at the "sizzle reel" he'd compiled for his '70s crime film-inspired take on the character—and judging by the below videos (in both NC-17 and PG-13 cuts), the interlacing of Bruce Lee and The Warriors scenes and the like confirm he planned to take both that aesthetic and era very literally. (And considering the Taxi Driver bits and all those audio clips from The Untouchables, he maybe also planned on trying to get Robert De Niro in this.) Anyway, it's almost definitely all beside the point now, as screening Carnahan's hyper-violent pitch would cause Disney/Marvel executives to begin weeping blood before barfing a stream of locusts, and that's generally not how movies get made.