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Joe Carnahan has dropped out of directing the third Bad Boys, as he is wont to do

Carnahan on the set of The A-Team. (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

It appears that the dream of a Joe Carnahan-directed Bad Boys movie has gone the way of all Joe Carnahan projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the writer-director has dropped out of helming Bad Boys For Life, possibly for the same reason why Carnahan usually drops out of projects: “creative differences.” The studio is still hoping to start filming the long-delayed sequel to Michael Bay’s dumbest movie in the fall to meet a November 8, 2018 release date.

Over the years, Carnahan has developed an enviable portfolio of unrealized projects, including a revisionist remake of Death Wish (he doesn’t have kind words for Eli Roth’s more straightforward version), an adaptation of James Ellroy’s White Jazz, and a film based on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comics series Preacher, since made into an AMC series. His last theatrical release was 2011’s The Grey—a great film, one of The A.V. Club’s favorite movies of the decade so far. The subsequent action-comedy Stretch had its theatrical release cancelled and was eventually released straight to digital download. It’s pretty fun.


At present, Carnahan is also developing a remake of The Raid that will star Frank Grillo, which sounds like the most gosh-darned Joe Carnahan-esque thing imaginable. We’re keeping our fingers crossed on that one, half-expecting it to end up getting made by Antoine Fuqua three years from now.

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