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Illustration for article titled Joe Budden kicks audience member out of show for tweeting mean things about him

Rappers can be so sensitive. Having apparently learned nothing from this summer’s MC Chris debacle, Joe Budden kicked a Bay Area woman out of his show in Oakland last night for sending a series of negative tweets from the audience. According to Hip Hop Wired, Budden had his security track down Twitter user @_Yellow_Paiges_ in the crowd, angry at the disparaging comments she’d been making about him, such as: tweeting a picture of NoDoz with the caption, “for the Budden concert tonight;” pointing out the low attendance; and repeatedly asserting that she was only at the show because she was there with her boyfriend. According to her tweets, security—who reportedly found her using her Twitter profile photo—then told @_Yellow_Paiges_ that “Joe Budden wants you out,” and that he wouldn’t take the stage until she'd left the building. She complied, tweeting that she felt “flattered” that he'd noticed.


Budden—who, in addition to being a solo artist, is one-fourth of the hip-hop sort-of-supergroup Slaughterhouse—is on tour now in support of several releases, including Slaughterhouse’s Welcome To: Our House. His latest solo effort, No Love Lost, is due out in January.

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