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Joe Bob Briggs is back to host one last horror movie marathon

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Fans of Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision, take heart. Your beloved host, Joe Bob Briggs, is back for one more go-round—sitting in an easy chair, drinking a beer, and playing host to some delightfully trashy B-movies. Get ready for one last weekend of entertaining discussion and films of questionable taste.

Shudder, the excellent online horror streaming service, is presenting The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs. For 24 hours straight, the longtime film writer and TV host has been lured out of retirement to serve as your master of ceremonies for Shudder’s livestream of 13 movies. Fittingly for a Friday the 13th, he’ll be providing insights, oddball analysis of the films in question, and generally making the viewing experience much, much better than simply a straight screening of these cinematic offerings would ever be. If you’ve heard any of his audio commentaries for DVDs in the past decade-plus, you know that the raconteur has lost none of his talent for holding court during celluloid misfits. And if you are reading this and thinking, “The hell’s a Job Bob Briggs,” well, allow this marathon to serve as your introduction.


You’ll have to clear your schedule right away, though: The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs 24-hour marathon begins tonight, Friday the 13th, at 9 p.m. ET, live on Shudder.

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