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Joe Biden to publish memoir somehow not called Biden My Time

Photo: Daniel Kramer/Getty

Despite never actually carrying out all of the hilarious shit we hoped he’d do to the White House prior to vacating the premises, former Vice President Joe Biden remains America’s favorite political fantasy-bot, a good-natured and grinning blank screen upon which to project our hopes of a windsurfing party animal still crushing beer cans on his forehead well into his 70s. And now, Flatiron Books is hoping that our nation’s love affair with the top candidate for Secretary Of Partying Down continues at least into November. The Associated Press reports Biden’s memoir is set to be published November 14, and despite the fact that the title Biden My Time is just sitting right there, waiting for its ideal application, the ex-VP has instead chosen one with some actual personal meaning or whatever.

Titled Promise Me, Dad: A Year Of Hope, Hardship, And Purpose, Biden’s memoir will focus on 2015, the year his son Beau died, and the politician decided against running for president, despite his personal belief that he could’ve won. The book, which is also not called Joe-mentum despite that being a solid alternative to Biden My Time, will be the subject of a sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey two days before the release date. Barring her ability to get him to enact a last-minute title change, Biden will then be promoting the autobiography on his “American Promise Tour,” in which everyday citizens like yourself will get to meet the Vice President, shake his hand, and ask him to his face what the deal is with not using a book title so obviously tailor-made for his account.


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