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With the imminent departure of Weeds and The Big C leaving a void in Showtime’s once-robust “women with a secret” programming, enter Jodie Foster, one of entertainment’s most famous women with a secret (i.e, that she makes excellent zucchini bread). Foster has signed on to direct and executive produce Angie’s Body, a mob drama from former Heroes writer Rob Fresco about a “shrewd, sexy and, when necessary, lethal woman” who runs a family-based crime syndicate—like a female version of The Sopranos, let’s say, so that we're in chorus with everyone else who will read this premise and say, “Say, that sounds like a female version of The Sopranos.”


Anyway, while Foster has had some experience directing horrible people on the big screen with The Beaver and that demon-spawn bastard Little Man Tate, this will be her first foray into television since she directed an episode of Tales From The Darkside titled “Do Not Open This Box,” which also dealt with secrets and had a name that could be read as a joke about the ladies. So, it all comes full circle. Say, did you know that there are tons of old Tales From The Darkside episodes on YouTube, including that one? You should sit and watch them all right now, instead of talking to your family or whatever.

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