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Jimmy Kimmel's back to shitting on Sean Hannity

The Trump administration, for all its wild and terrifying incompetence, also occasionally creates jokes too perfectly structured to be invented. To wit: You would not believe it in a piece of fiction that Fox News chin-haver Sean Hannity, the president’s blusteriest man, is also the mysterious third client of Trump’s embattled “lawyer” Michael Cohen. And yet, he sure as fuck is! Yes, the man most well known for 1) paying off a woman with whom Trump had an affair, and 2) paying off a woman with whom high-ranking Republican party official Elliot Broidy had an affair, has also been busy helping Sean Hannity with ... undisclosed matters. If that seems suspicious at all, we would refer you to Sean Hannity’s Twitter account, which got so hype about this shit he started throwing out the Latin:


Real estate shit only, or almost exclusively! Anyway, this is funny not because it implies Hannity has committed the same acts as Cohen’s other clients, but because of how absolutely it tears away any remaining idea of Hannity’s journalistic credibility after the blowhard has inveighed upon the Cohen saga repeatedly without disclosing their relationship. Jimmy Kimmel, who just recently feuded with Hannity, then called the whole thing off, seemed delighted by the opportunity to reopen the rift, because, truly, if anyone deserves to be kicked while they’re down, it is the big boy of Fox News himself. Please enjoy the clip above, and, if you’d like, watch Stephen Colbert swoop through to shit on him below.

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