(Photo: Randy Holmes/Getty Images)

As the Trump administration and the nation as a whole compete to out-chaos each other, it’s really looking like there’s no one trying to pull in the reins on old Donny. After sullenly giving a statement in which he [heaves huge sigh] had to call out the evils of white supremacy, Trump did a 180 yesterday and reverted to his “many sides” nonsense. The president, who was probably emboldened by being on his gold-plated home turf at Trump Tower, shared some of Sean Hannity’s talking points by blaming the fictional “alt-left” in equal measure for the violence in Charlottesville, including the alleged murder of activist Heather Heyer, which was actually spearheaded by torch-, gun-, and permit-wielding neo-Nazis.

So without any real counterweights to slow down Trump’s increasingly overt support of white supremacists, the rest of the non-bigoted country is scrambling for a solution. There’s the old impeachment strategy, but as long as we’re pitching far-fetched ideas, Jimmy Kimmel has one: He wants to make Trump “king of America.”

Kimmel’s plan is simple, and one he thinks will appease those aboard the Trump train as well as the members of the coalition for reason. By making Trump a figurehead of state, he can drive around in all the trucks he wants without running roughshod over anyone’s civil rights. Give Trump a scepter to hold in his little hands while he watches Fox & Friends. Or, better yet, “set him up in a castle, maybe in Florida. And then lock him up in that castle forever.” The Kimmel Live! host’s idea isn’t likely to gain much traction outside of “dumb librul spaces,” but as he points out, “we’ve gotta get creative here. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”