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Jimmy Kimmel to cross the streams by hosting old and new Ghostbusters together


In a move that cries out to be condemned for being a smart ratings stunt by a savvy late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel is planning to do his part in exorcising the spirit of rancor fomented by grumpy fans of the 1984 Ghostbusters who are suspicious of the new one. USA Today reports an upcoming episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! will feature the original team alongside the stars of the upcoming reboot, probably infuriating people who prefer their marketing synergy to stay limited to celebrity endorsements and free toy giveaways, rather than this bullshit modern world of clever tie-ins and hashtag campaigns.

June 8, a.k.a. Ghostbusters Day, will see the two crews of professionals busters of said ghosts on Kimmel’s program, following a day in which fans can see the 1984 classic on more than 800 screens nationwide in preparation for the release of the new iteration. Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones will hang out with Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, and—yes—Bill Murray, completely ruining the childhoods of people who loved Kimmel as host of The Man Show, not this johnny-come-lately intelligent targeting of a mass audience and sensibly straddling the world of old Hollywood and new. No word yet on what they plan to discuss, but it will presumably include a frank and honest debate over why Kimmel has chosen to tarnish the memory of his beloved ’90s “ironic sexist” persona by kowtowing to the politically correct demands of the modern era, and having the sheer gall to maturely change with the times.


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