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Back on Friday, we lowered ourselves into a pit of annoyingness to break down the ongoing feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity, with the latter suddenly deciding that it’s not alright to criticize Melania Trump even though he spent years saying awful stuff about the entire Obama family with his other Fox News cronies. Hannity called Kimmel an “ass clown” on his show, Kimmel had a laugh about it on his show, and then Hannity ran a Google search for Kimmel’s name and discovered that he used to be a host of The Man Show—Comedy Central’s satire(?) of gross sexism and misogyny from the early 2000s. Everyone looked bad, more or less, but Hannity looks a little worse by default simply because of every other awful thing he’s done.

Today, possibly after realizing that he had been forced to descend to the level of Sean fucking Hannity, Kimmel shared a statement on Twitter in which he apologizes for joking about Melania Trump and for making comments about “Hannity’s deference to the president” that offended the gay community. He also notes that this feud has driven people to make “vile threats” against his wife and offer “wishes for death” on his young son.


As of this writing, Hannity has not responded to Kimmel’s post. Maybe he’s trying to find an appropriate Man Show clip?

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