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Jimmy Kimmel surveys some savvy kids about the presidential debate

Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Last night, during a segment on his post-debate live show, Jimmy Kimmel surveyed some children about the mess that is the 2016 presidential election. And while they didn’t necessarily have all the information—they couldn’t identify Tim Kaine or Mike Pence—they still had some pretty spot-on things to say. And really who can blame them for not recognizing two bland-looking white men, a.k.a. the potential veeps?

Take for instance this comment from a boy who looks exactly like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. “Donald Trump seems like he’s losing his mind everyday,” he said. (That’s right, kid, he certainly does.) Or the observation from a girl that the debate was “annoying.” Indeed, it was. The entire group also agreed that a woman makes a better president than a man, giving us hope that perhaps in the future, the country won’t be a misogynistic hellhole.


Kimmel also instructed the three to compare the candidates to vegetables, and baffled them with the information that Hillary Clinton attended Trump’s wedding. When he started unnecessarily teasing two about whether or not they were a couple, the aforementioned young lady shut him down. “This is just awkward,” she declared. Right again, young American.

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