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Jimmy Kimmel is writing a sitcom based on the sad life of Carson Daly

In the band’s hit 2001 single “Pop,” ’N Sync asked, “what’s the deal with this pop life and when is it gonna fade out?” Justin Timberlake’s answer to that question was to say, of course, that what they doin’ “is not a trend,” but things really did fade out for one iconic member of the ’90s pop music scene: former Total Request Live host Carson Daly. As we all know, after Daly left MTV, he moved back in with his parents and took a job as the host of a “morning zoo”-style local radio show, and nobody has heard from him since. Well, that’s how his life turned out according to a new sitcom written by Jimmy Kimmel, at least.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says the premise is “loosely based on Daly’s career before his recent resurgence as host of NBC breakout reality competition The Voice and a regular role on the same network’s Today show,” a statement that suspiciously lacks any reference to Last Call With Carson Daly, his late-night talk show thing that apparently nobody remembers. Anyway, Daly’s good friend Jimmy Kimmel is writing the pilot, which THR says “he has never done before.” We’re not sure if that means writing a pilot or writing in general, but good for him either way. It’s always tough to get out there, especially when you’re already a successful TV personality. Thankfully, The Neighbors’ Dan Fogelman will also be there to help him out if he ever runs out of jokes to make at Carson Daly’s expense.


The pilot has already been picked up by ABC, and Daly is a producer on the show—so at least we know he’s on board with everyone making fun of him. Now, who should star in ABC’s Carson Daly show? Obviously it can’t be Daly himself, because he’s not famous enough to lead a sitcom, but maybe he can make a cameo appearance or something.

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