(Photo: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)

If you thought Jimmy Kimmel comported himself surprisingly well at this year’s Emmys, you’re in luck: Kimmel is going to be the 2017 Oscar host, Variety reports. Frankly, this seems like a long time coming given the Academy Awards’ relationship with ABC, where Kimmel reigns at 11:35 p.m. It’s ultimately a fairly uninspired choice.

Still, during the 2016 Emmy broadcast, Kimmel was savage when it came to Donald Trump’s candidacy so we can only imagine he’ll be just as biting once the now president-elect is sworn in. As for the actual movies, we assume Kimmel is hard at work figuring out if there will be any way he can possibly joke about the devastating likely best picture nominees Moonlight and Manchester By The Sea. (Our suggestion: Maybe don’t try? Stick to Sully gags.) At least Manchester will give him another opportunity to do a bit with nemesis Matt Damon, who is a producer on that film.


The Academy has been a bit delayed this year in announcing the host and producers of the show, but now both are lined up with Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd producing. The ceremony is set to take place February 26.