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Jimmy Kimmel challenged Tobey Maguire to a stoic game of Connect Four last night


Jimmy Kimmel has been fairly candid about his disdain for Jimmy Fallon’s whole “let’s play games with celebrities” shtick, but he took things to a whole new level on his show last night when he sat down for a stoic game of Connect Four with Tobey Maguire. Over the course of three minutes, Kimmel and Maguire just kind of hang out and mull checker placement, all ostensibly because Kimmel bet Maguire $100 he couldn’t beat him in Connect Four. There’s no real comedic payoff to the whole affair, with the game instead acting as part of a bigger question about what we expect from actors now, and why. On one hand, it’s a discussion that’s certainly worth having, but on the other hand, it is pretty enjoyable to watch Paul Rudd drink gross stuff.

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