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Jimmy Kimmel and pals unite to fight AIDS, singing the celebrity anthem, "We're Going To Hell"

Jimmy Kimmel, Brad Paisley, Bono, Kristen Bell, Zoe Saldana, Chris Rock, Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

For the last four Novembers, Jimmy Kimmel has temporarily turned his Jimmy Kimmel Live! set into the Home Shopping Network, complete with an all-star lineup of celebrity guests hawking branded products. Luckily, it’s all for a good cause, as Kimmel, in conjunction with noted do-gooder and occasional rock icon Bono’s AIDS-fighting charity (RED), has raised millions over the years to help eradicate the disease. On Monday’s show, Kimmel invited his pal Kristen Bell (racking up serious Good Place points with her gamely faux-vapid QVC sales patter) to introduce the (RED) Shopathon portion of the evening, where viewers could (and still can) purchase shiny, limited-edition red versions of stuff they may or may not want anyway. Along the way, famous buddies like Will Ferrell (asking weird audience questions in a variety of disguises), Mila Kunis (trying to get Channing Tatum to take his shirt off), Channing Tatum (refusing to take his shirt off), Chris Rock (as the new Alexa voice), Brad Paisley (vacuuming), Snoop Dogg (trying to make things green), and others all chipped in with some goofy bits. (Sadly, there is no actual Chris Rock Alexa setting as of this writing.)

In addition to opportunities to bid for celebrity hangouts (cooking with Snoop, guitar lessons with Paisley, Bono and Lady Gaga will write you into a song), the evening included an all-star singalong. Kimmel crooned at a bright red piano he was pointedly not paying alongside guests Bell, Bono, Tatum, Kunis, Rock, Paisley, and Zoe Saldana, as they musically confessed that their contributions to the (RED) cause are the only decent, human things they do in lives aswim with nude paintings of themselves, chauffeured chihuahuas, and tax evasion (made legal by Donald Trump and the Republicans’ tax cut). As the chorus went, “If we don’t help people with AIDS, we’re going to hell!” So pad your point total, avoid the Bad Place, and contribute and buy red stuff here and bid on the celeb stuff here.


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