As Heroes slouches towards NBC to be Heroes Reborn, Variety reports that another original cast member has been sucked into its widening gyre of reprised characters. Jimmy Jean-Louis will return as “The Haitian,” the enigmatic character known for his silent demeanor, stealing memories, blocking powers, and having Heroes’ best lines.

Presumably The Haitian will be reporting into the bespectacled, pitiless gaze of his boss, Jack Coleman, who will return as Noah Bennet, a.k.a. “HRG,” a.k.a, “Horn-Rimmed Glasses,” a.k.a. “character whose journey from interestingly opaque to blandly inconsistent makes him a perfect avatar for Heroes as a whole.” Also returning is Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, the Japanese office worker with the ability to cross time and space—an ability he squandered bickering with his best friend Ando. Chuck star Zachary Levy is leading the ranks of new characters. Levy’s role is unspecified, so it’s not yet clear if he’ll be one of the conviction-lacking heroes, or a passionately intense villain who will be defanged in a later season.


Vexed from the original’s stony Netflix sleep by creator Tim Kring, Heroes Reborn threatens to be loosed upon the world of network television for 13 episodes, starting this fall.