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Jimmy Fallon will host the Emmys

Perhaps as a reward for staying diplomatically mum during the whole Tonight Show fracas, NBC has signed up Jimmy Fallon to host the Emmys on Aug. 29, calling him “one of the most promising and likable young entertainers” in a generic press release that, really, could have been recycled from Buddy Hackett’s résumé circa 1948. But no matter: This is obviously big news for Fallon, who’s quietly built his own Late Night following thanks to his unwavering dedication to shitty ’90s television, parodies of Lost and Glee, and a killer Neil Young impression. We’ll be curious as to whether Fallon will be allowed to bring some of that same indulgent weirdness to a major awards show—“Slow Jam The Technical Awards,” maybe?—but frankly, we’d be watching even if it was Jimmy Buffett hosting, because that’s sort of our job. What about you guys?


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