Now that it’s been established that viewers couldn’t expect Jimmy Fallon to rake Donald Trump over the coals anymore than he would a rabbit—he’s just not wired that way—the Tonight Show host has resumed his inoffensive querying from the comfort of his desk. As was previously announced, Hillary Clinton joined Fallon for a pre-taped tête-à-tête hot on the heels of Donald Trump’s chummy appearance. The pair touched on Clinton’s career and breaking down barriers, but given, her recently compromised immune system, Fallon playfully tried to limit their contact.

Fallon gently ribbed the former Secretary Of State, going from high-fiving her to rubbing antibacterial gel into his hands—all from behind a surgical mask. He didn’t conduct the entire interview that way, of course, nor did he interrogate her about any of the issues plaguing her own campaign. See? Fair is fair on the Tonight Show. Now back to an important investigation of youth culture with Miley Cyrus.