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Jimmy Fallon to play beer pong with celebrities through 2021

The Tonight Show

Ever since his run on Saturday Night Live (and probably before that, too), there have been people who prided themselves on being strongly opposed to everything related to Jimmy Fallon. They hate it when he laughs in the middle of sketches. They hate it when he play goofy games with celebrities. They hate that his best friend is Justin Timberlake. They hate the way he smiles. They even hate his boyishly handsome face. Whatever their particular reason, NBC has a message for the people who feel this hatred: Get on board with Jimmy Fallon, or die.

Okay, so it’s not that dramatic, but NBC clearly has no intention of dumping Fallon any time soon. See, kids love the way he laughs when he shouldn’t, and they’re all about playing Catchphrase with Christopher Meloni. That’s why—as reported by Deadline—the network has decided to extend Fallon’s contract for six more years, meaning he’ll be hosting the Tonight Show at least through September of 2021. That is assuming, of course, that Jay Leno doesn’t decide he wants to come back again. (Yes, we are legally obligated to make that joke. Sorry.)


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