(Screenshot: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube)

Jimmy Fallon is positively giddy about Gilmore Girls. Thatā€™s not saying much considering the man giggled his way through a Donald Trump interview, but his love for the people of Stars Hollow and its surrounding areas is genuine, so much so that he invited the actors who played his top three charactersā€”not including Rory and Lorelaiā€”onto the Tonight Show. Turns out Fallonā€™s faves, in ascending order, are Kirk, Luke, and Paris, and we canā€™t disagree with those choices. Last night, in honor of the upcoming debut of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Sean Gunn, Scott Patterson, and Liza Weil all showed up, mainly to appease Fallonā€™s fandom.

The interview featured plenty of gushing on Fallonā€™s part, but there was also some speculation about the final four words. Turns out Gunn is waiting to discover Amy Sherman-Palladinoā€™s long anticipated last phrase with the general public, but Patterson and Weil are well-aware of well aware of what it is. ā€œMy idea to Amy was, ā€˜drop the gun, Kirkā€™ and she rejected it,ā€ Patterson joked. But he did hint it is ā€œmore philosophicalā€ than that.