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Jimmy Fallon bought that haunted Timothée Chalamet doll and is already putting it to work

Screenshot: YouTube

When we last checked on the creepy ventriloquist rendering of Timothée Chalamet, it was being auctioned at a paltry rate of $122,795.00 on eBay. While we could have made any number of guesses as to the eventual fate of the impressive-yet-dead-eyed tribute to the young actor, “getting bought by Jimmy Fallon and being forced to do bits with Fred Armisen” admittedly escaped our purview of imagination. But here we are, shifting from terror to concern as we now pray that the poor guy is genuinely all right.

Fallon revealed the object of his eventual buyer’s remorse on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which featured Fred Armisen as he stopped by to swap general moments of friendship and talk about Los Espookys. As Armisen explained how he was inspired to make a mainstream comedy series that just so happened to be in Spanish, Fallon summoned Doll-amet, now with a French accent, to banter and apparently sing a duet. Is he as ready for show biz as his red-blooded namesake? Possibly, but we hope he knows that he can quit at anytime.




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