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Jimmi Simpson weighs in on a bunch of crazy Westworld theories

Feeling a little confused by this new season of Westworld? You’re not alone. Luckily, the show’s own Jimmi Simpson is here to weigh in on a whole bunch of insane fan theories and let you know how close you are to figuring it all out. Sort of. As with all these “Actors Read Fan Theories” videos from Elle, Simpson is pretty good about not showing his cards. His reactions to various theories, both positive and negative, are likely all part of some larger charade to keep us in the dark. Or maybe he’s just as ignorant about the show’s endgame as we are. Regardless, let’s break down some of his answers.

The video kicks off with a whopper of a theory: The host Peter Abernathy contains the consciousness of James Delos that was trapped their by William. Simpson responds to this with a very intriguing non-answer, saying, “Abernathy is so essential to the series that it’s going to blow a mind.” While this neither confirms nor denies the James Delos connection, it at least means Abernathy is probably doing more than just sneaking some IP out of the park. Some fans have already guessed that Abernathy could be holding the biodata of all the guests or is some sort of trigger that activates hosts out in the real world, both of which would make him—well, mind-blowingly “essential to the series,” as Simpson puts it.


Speaking of hosts in the real world, Simpson denies the theory that the Delos company is collecting user data in order to recreate guests as hosts and “sell immortality.” Though, he thinks it should be true and attempts to hand off the suggestion to a writer. Of course, this still leaves room for the theory that Delos is replacing guests with hosts without their knowledge, but to what end?

In the most shocking admission of the whole video, Simpson confirms that the only theory he knows to be true (and that has been corroborated by show creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy) is that Dolores actually contains the consciousness of Simpson’s character Liam McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. “He’s had a whole re-do thing, so there’s like a me-on-me situation. But you guessed it too soon and now everything’s blown and you’ve ruined the series of Westworld.” Well, it had a good run.

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