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Jim Starlin’s space opera Dreadstar is being adapted for TV

Illustration for article titled Jim Starlin’s space opera iDreadstar/i is being adapted for TV

As part of TV and movie producer’s ongoing quest to adapt every superhero ever for the screen, Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar is coming to television. According to Deadline, Universal Cable Productions has teamed with the production company Benderspink to turn the adventures of the acclaimed comic book creator’s sci-fi hero into a scripted series. Starlin—who created or co-created such Marvel mainstays as Thanos, Drax the Destroyer, and Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy—will write and produce based on his comic, originally printed by Marvel’s Epic imprint in the ’80s. (It’s currently being distributed by Dynamite Entertainment.) The story focuses on Vanth Dreadstar, the sole survivor of the now-destroyed Milky Way galaxy; Dreadstar and his ragtag crew, which includes a cyborg sorcerer named Syzygy Darklock, try to end an ancient war between The Church of Instrumentality and the Monarchy. No date has been given for the Dreadstar TV series, but expect a large uptick in children named Syzygy and Vanth when it does hit.


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