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Everyone’s talking about Ryan Murphy’s first Netflix extravaganza, The Politician, this weekend, but it’s far from his only project coming to the streaming service. Among many others, there’s Hollywood, his “love letter to the Golden Age of Tinseltown” that we heard about back in February. According to Variety, the show has landed a good batch of stars, including a few who are already established members of the Ryan Murphy Actor Canon. Darren Criss, Jeremy Pope, and David Corenswet and already signed up (with Variety noting that they’re all also co-executive producers), and now they’ll be joined by Jim Parsons, Dylan McDermott, Samara Weaving, Maude Apatow, Joe Mantello, Laura Harrier, and Jake Picking.


We don’t know specifics about the plot, but it apparently takes place in the ‘40s and should hit Netflix in May. Also, semi-interestingly, this is the first show that Murphy specifically developed for Netflix, as others (like The Politician) were originally in the works for 20th Century Fox. That almost certainly doesn’t mean anything to anyone, but maybe you can impress someone with that fun fact at your Hollywood viewing party.

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