Great news for Jim Morrison’s penis: Exiting Florida Governor Charlie Crist has convinced the state’s clemency board to grant a posthumous pardon to The Doors’ late (OR IS HE? Again, yes) singer for his 1969 charge of indecent exposure, stemming from a Miami concert where Morrison allegedly whipped out, in the words of keyboardist Ray Manzarek, his “magnificent member.” And although both Manzarek—who took the opportunity to once more muse on Morrison’s “legacy of Dionysian madness and frenzy and of a chaotic American poet,” because of course he did—and guitarist Robby Krieger welcome the pardon, Morrison’s common-law widow Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (whom he married in a pagan ceremony about a year before he died) thinks the charge should have been expunged or overturned, and views the pardon as a “cheap political ploy” used by Crist to tactlessly link himself to Morrison’s legacy. She then went back to writing books for her “Lizard Queen Press” imprint. Anyway, thanks to Charlie Crist, this dick’s getting off.