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Illustration for article titled Jim Henson reality show seeks best creators of fantastical creatures that are a lie

If you’ve always dreamed of living among the fantastical beings of Jim Henson’s world, then helping to crush those dreams by revealing them to be little more than felt and wire, Syfy is giving you the chance with its new reality series. It’s ordered eight episodes of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, in which contestants will compete to bring their own mechanical puppets, “whimsical beasts,” and various other forms of lying to life, so that they can beguile children into loving them before they’re cast into the darkened corner of a warehouse, deflated as the heart of a kid who’s just learned the truth. The late Henson’s own painfully aware kids Brian and Lisa will executive produce the series, awarding the winner $100,000 in blood-of-innocents’ money and a job at the dismayingly-real-life Creature Shop. There they can continue to fabricate the illusion that this world is full of magic, when really it’s just full of reality-show winners who are skilled with a glue gun and deception.


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