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Jim Gaffigan to trade in Hot Pockets for doughnuts on Fargo season 3

(Photo: Getty Images for Michigan Avenue Magazine / Jeff Schear)

Back in August, Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan decided to bring their TV Land sitcom The Jim Gaffigan Show to an end, but it turns out that we actually won’t have to wait too much longer to see more of Jim Gaffigan on our TVs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he has just joined the cast of Noah Hawley’s critically acclaimed FX anthology series Fargo for its upcoming third season. Gaffigan will reportedly be playing a police deputy named Donny Mashman who works alongside another cop played by Carrie Coon from The Leftovers. Also, Donny Mashman is a really good name for a Jim Gaffigan character.

Season three of Fargo will reportedly be set in 2010 and deal with the aftermath of the show’s first season. Nobody from that season is expected to appear, but Ewan McGregor (playing two brothers in his first recurring TV role), Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Scoot McNairy will appear alongside Gaffigan and Coon. We don’t know very many concrete narrative details beyond that, but the season is set to premiere at some point in 2017.


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