Deadline¬†has announced that comedian Jim Gaffigan has received a pilot commitment from CBS for a new single-camera comedy, in which Gaffigan will play a loosely fictionalized version of himself living in a tiny New York City apartment with his wife and five kids. And yes, the show‚ÄĒmade in partnership with¬†Rescue Me¬†co-creator Peter Tolan‚ÄĒboasts a premise that, at least superficially, sounds uncannily like another well-known vehicle by one of Gaffigan's contemporaries.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time Gaffigan has followed Louis C.K.'s lead: He explicitly referred to "the brilliant Louis C.K." when he also self-released his latest stand-up special, Mr. Universe. And of course, both have onstage personas based in being hapless, overweight, middle-aged dads who suffer from deep bouts of self-loathing. (They even both have bits about Cinnabons, though Gaffigan likening the snack to a beanbag chair is obviously a far cry from C.K. dubbing it a "fat faggot treat.") So hopefully this translates into something besides a slightly paler rehash of Louie.