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Jim Gaffigan gets back to basics in this exclusive clip from his new Netflix special

(Image: Netflix)

Jim Gaffigan has a pretty busy year ahead of himself: the massively successful stand-up and actor has six new movies on his docket (two dramas, a comedy, and three animated films), plus his previously announced work on the upcoming season of Fargo. He’s also in the middle of a national tour, which didn’t keep him from finishing work on his fifth stand-up special—suitably titled Cinco—set to debut on Netflix tomorrow. But why bother waiting 24 whole hours, when you can get a taste of Gaffigan’s latest right here, courtesy of an exclusive Cinco clip?

The clip sees Gaffigan return to one of his favorite obsessions—food—as he waxes lyrical on the humble donut. And, like that mystical toroid of glorious, sugary fried dough, Gaffigan’s work is pretty easy to binge right now: Cinco will join four other hour-long specials by the comedian, all hosted on Netflix, when it debuts on Tuesday, January 10.


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