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Jim Carrey will reportedly host SNL for a third time

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“Whoa, don’t go in there!” Oh, don’t mind us, we’re just quoting some of our favorite Jim Carrey movies. “Somebody get this crazy mask off of my face!” Why are we doing this? Well, in addition to our undying love for 1995’s greatest comedian, The Wrap has revealed that Jim Carrey will be hosting his third episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live during its upcoming season. Here’s another good quote: “Well, I may be dumb, but you, sir, are dumber than I am.” Classic Carrey!


The Wrap’s report isn’t an official announcement from the network, so we don’t know when Carrey’s episode will air, but we can at least trust that it’s accurate. After all, The Wrap says it got the info from “several individuals with knowledge,” so it has to be believable. Individuals with knowledge are some of the most trustworthy sources out there, after all. Not like those stupid individuals without knowledge. They don’t know anything.

Anyway, Carrey will probably be on the show to promote Dumber And Dumber To, which comes out on November 14, so his episode will probably air around then. Chris Pratt, Sarah Silverman, and Bill Hader will also host this season. Now, let’s share another one of our favorite quotes: “My name is Bruce and now God is telling me that I’m almighty? That’s Kick-Ass 2!” Seriously, though, he was really good in Eternal Sunshine, but we don’t remember any quotes from it. “My memories are being erased!” Something like that.

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