Jim Carrey spent the summer months when he wasn’t awkwardly wooing Emma Stone similarly yearning to return to his youth by revisiting his biggest hits, promising years-after-the-fact sequels to Dumb And Dumber and Bruce Almighty. And while his audience may have thought that was really sweet and been totally flattered, the thing is, they also have their whole lives ahead of them, lives they should be spending having new adventures with younger comedians, so thanks all the same. Nevertheless, Carrey remains persistent, hence October’s confirmation that another Dumb And Dumber is in the offing has now been followed by forward movement on Bruce Almighty 2, with both films intent on ignoring the prequels and spinoffs Carrey wouldn’t deign to do, back when he was still in a position to do that. According to Variety, Universal is in talks to hand scripting duties to Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel—the writing team behind Yes Man, as well as the recently canceled Allen Gregory—who will be tasked with returning Carrey to the role of a man who learns humility after his reckless tenure as God, as well as writing the Bruce Almighty sequel.