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Jim Carrey pays tribute to Aretha Franklin with very, very bad portrait

Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

We all thought it was pretty funny when Jim Carrey decided to dedicate his social media pages to unflattering portraits of Donald Trump and his various evil cronies, with Carrey’s particularly weird style and his unsubtle commentary (Trump bathing in literal sewage, for example) making it clear that he truly despised his subjects. The problem with making art like that, though, is that it can be hard to transition into doing something that’s supposed to be a bit more positive. Unfortunately, that’s the position Carrey has put himself in today, as he chose to give the Trump family a break so he could pay tribute to the great Aretha Franklin with a portrait that is… not so great.


Oh, Jim. What’s going on with that tongue? We’re not saying we could make a better portrait of Aretha Franklin, and we’re not mocking him for mourning a true music icon, but the fact that Carrey felt the need to share this with the world seems kind of surprising given the revelation in this recent Hollywood Reporter interview that he has “at least three people” who sign off on everything he posts on social media. If we were Jim Carrey’s social media gatekeepers, we probably wouldn’t have the guts to tell him that a painting he made wasn’t very good, but that’s why we do this and not that.

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