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Jim Carrey is a painter now, and he’s actually really good

Carrey at work in his studio in 2010. (Photo: Philip Ramey Photography, LLC / Getty Images)

Every great comedian has a bit of darkness in them. Sometimes, it can even feel like the bigger their smile and the more positive their presence, the heavier that darkness truly is. Jim Carrey made a name for himself in both stand-up and film thanks to his silly physical comedy and highly expressive, seemingly rubber face. But, in recent years, the darkness lurking behind Carrey’s outward persona has started to emerge. He’s suffered personal loss, numerous career flops, and has purposefully shied away from the public eye. In a new short-form documentary, “I Needed Color,” fans get a chance to see what Carrey has been up to and, as it turns out, he’s been painting. What’s more, he’s really good at it.


The six-minute doc was uploaded a month ago and has already racked up over 4.5 million views. In it, we see Carrey working alone in his studio as his introspective voiceover explores his recent obsession with painting, which has its roots in his childhood love of sketching. The man depicted in this documentary is far from the prat-falling pet detective or maniacally grinning cable guy fans grew up watching. He’s quietly fanatical and reveling in his solitude. He’s, as he says, “trying to heal a broken heart.” Most importantly, he seems to be free from whatever it is that’s inside him that makes life so difficult.

Check out the full video to see more of Carrey’s colorful and engaging work, some of which will be available for sale at a gallery show in Las Vegas next month.

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