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Like two butt cheeks clapping together in perfect harmony, resuming a familiar conversation in which no questions need be assed, Jim Carrey will reunite with his Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Bruce Almighty director Steve Oedekerk on the upcoming Ricky Stanicky. Described as “an ensemble comedy in the vein of The Hangover” (a logline that should be on anything you intend to sell these days), Ricky Stanicky concerns a trio of ne’er-do-well teens who burn down a house in their neighborhood, then invent a fake culprit—the titular Stanicky—to take the blame. After 20 years of using Stanicky as their go-to fall guy, the now-adult ne’er-do-wells are finally forced to produce Stanicky, leading them to hire Carrey to play a guy whose antics have become somewhat tiresome over two decades, yet you have to admit he remains useful in certain roles. Anyway, James Franco was at one time attached to pretend to be the neighborhood scapegoat, presumably dropping out once he learned it was actually just a premise for a movie.


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