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Jim Breuer to star in autobiographical sitcom for NBC

If you're like absolutely no one, you stay awake at night thinking, "What the hell is Jim Breuer up to these days? Is he still the wacky stoner of Half Baked and Goat Boy fame or has he mellowed and matured after taking a step back from the limelight to care for his children and elderly parents?" Wonder no more, person that doesn't exist: Variety reports that Breuer has just signed a deal to develop an autobiographical sitcom about a Jim Breuer-like comedian who eases back on professional responsibilities to care for his children and parents.

Breuer is also at work on a book about being part of what he dubs "The sandwich generation", a newfangled demographic that really enjoys eating sandwiches and also is forced to care for both their young children and elderly parents. It's a veritable Breuerennaisance! We remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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