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Jim Belushi joins Woody Allen’s new film

Good Girls Revolt

According to Deadline, Jim Belushi is set to join Kate Winslet in Woody Allen’s next film. While the actor hasn’t appeared in many notable films in the past few years, he’s worked on some laudable TV projects, including Show Me A Hero and the upcoming Good Girls Revolt and third season of Twin Peaks. Since Allen often casts actors and actress who are at the height of their popularity (and then holds onto them for a decade or so), casting Belushi, whose film career reached its zenith in the late ’80s and early ’90s, is more of a Quentin Tarantino move. Perhaps this means that Allen’s 47th movie will be the start of a full-on Tarantino period, where all of the meandering dialogue will climax in either cartoonish violence or a shot of someone’s feet.

Per usual, little is known about Allen’s upcoming project other than that it’s apparently another period drama, this one set in New York City in the late ’50s. Allen hasn’t agreed on a distributor yet, but he aligned with Amazon Studios for his most recent film, Café Society, so it’s possible he’ll go that route again. The only thing to bet on is that, at about this time next year, you’ll be able to watch a movie where Belushi and Winslet stroll through New York and talk about things that make you smile while also feeling a tinge of existential worry. You and your friends will agree that the film is “pleasant enough.”


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