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Jim Belushi and David Tennant set for a couple of courtroom shows

Jim Belushi is teaming up with Diane English and Barry Levinson to create a show about a defense attorney based on the lawyer and television commentator Mickey Sherman, according to Variety. Belushi is coming off of eight seasons of his, for lack of a better term, hit sitcom, According to Jim. English created the respectable Murphy Brown, and Levinson's got quite a few notches in his belt; he executive produced Oz and Homicide: Life on the Street. Combine the vibe of those gritty crime shows with the levity of a sitcom about a straight-laced careerwoman, plus just a splash of Jim Belushi's open-plaid-shirted je ne sais quoi, and who knows what this show could be.

As evidence that the universe has a way of balancing out, Doctor Who lovers may be delighted to the point of squealing to learn that David Tennant has signed on to star in NBC's pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is about a Chicago attorney, Rex Alexander, whose panic attacks force him to begin teaching his clients how to represent themselves in court. Barry Schindel is attached as showrunner, Schindel, an executive producer on CastleNumb3rs, and Law & Order, seems like a natural for a quirky show about the criminal justice system.

There you have it, something for everyone. Jim Belushi is a salt of the earth, everyman defense attorney, and David Tennant is a high-strung, hoity-toity lawyer. No matter what your cup of tea - or bottle of reasonably priced domestic beer - you'll have a courtroom dramedy to watch next year.

And in case you want a refresher, here's David Tennant and Jim Belushi, each doing their respective thing.



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