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Jillian Bell apologizes for big-timing Elijah Wood at the club that time on A Little Late

Utkarsh Ambudkar, Jillian Bell, Lilly Singh
Photo: Scott Angelheart/NBC

After spending much of her career stealing scenes in things like Workaholics, 22 Jump Street, Eastbound And Down, and Rough Night, among others, Jillian Bell is finally getting a chance to play the lead in the indie rom-com Brittany Runs A Marathon. (She’s typically delightful in that, too, although it’s not technically possible to steal scenes from yourself. At any rate, if you’re missing a scene, it’s probably at Jillian Bell’s house.) And while Anders Holm, Adam Devine, and Blake Anderson apparently paid Bell back for stealing all their Workaholics scenes all those years by casting her in the small but pivotal role of “girl who pooped her pants in the club” in their Netflix feature Game Over, Man!, it looks like Bell is finally going to get her chance on center stage, which is only fair and just.

Still, as Bell told Lilly Singh on A Little Late on Tuesday, making trouble at clubs sort of comes naturally to her. Asked by Singh about any times she and Brittany co-star/love interest Utkarsh Ambudkar had truly “fangirled-out” on someone more famous, Bell took the opportunity to apologize to Elijah Wood for that time outside the club. (Ambudkar also shared the time he openly wept upon seeing Daniel Day-Lewis while going to see Scary Movie 3, although it seems less likely that the famously reclusive Day-Lewis watches much late-night celebrity chat.) Explaining that, after a night of not-quite-famous L.A. club activities, her friend was just certain that she saw the Lord Of The Rings star driving by, Bell demonstrated just what happens when you catch Jillian Bell on the wrong/right night. Noting that Wood responded like a perfect gentleman to her drunkenly blurting “Elijah!” into the night, Bell acted out exactly how then-struggling actor Jillian Bell big-times one of the most famous hobbits in the world. Still doing a bit, Bell sincerely apologized to a variety of Singh’s cameras, in the hope that Wood will see her contrition, remember that time a drunk lady dissed him on the street, and think to himself, “Hey, there’s that lady who stole my whole scene.”


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