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Jesus to come back, possibly swordfight, in The Resurrection

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The ongoing mission to give modern cinema enough biblical fare to last 40 days and 40 nights is picking up steam, as another adaptation from every Christian's favorite public domain work is underway. With Moses and Noah already covered, Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves director Kevin Reynolds is jumping on the Jesus bandwagon. Already in the works are Paul Verhoeven Jesus movie, a Jesus miniseries, and a possible Jesus sighting in the moldy waffle that is the Ben Hur remake, plus a Pontius Pilate spinoff, and the Will-Smith-produced Cain and Abel vampire movie we're pretty sure Sean O'Neal hallucinated.

Yet none of this has stopped Reynolds from looking into an already-crowded marketplace and saying, "Me too!" Called The Resurrection, his Jesus film will cover the 40 days following the Crucifixion, through the eyes of an agnostic Centurion whom Pontius Pilate called upon to investigate rumors of Christ's return to life and to locate his missing body. While this may sound a lot like CSI: Bethlehem, the film's producers have described it more "as Gladiator in tone." So, in this version Jesus rises from the dead, then defeats Pilate in combat before heading to the afterlife? Sounds potentially sacrilegious, but Reynolds also directed Waterworld, so we can probably trust his judgement.


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