If Arrested Development’s great Netflix experiment re-begins this coming winter, star Jessica Walter already knows what it’ll be about. “Now that Buster has been arrested for the murder of Liza Minnelli, we’re very anxious to get the show started,” she told TV Line in an interview at Comic-Con. In the excerpt below—part of a longer conversation between Walter, TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, and Walter’s Archer co-stars—the actor demonstrates why she’s so convincingly embodied two of TV’s savviest matriarchal operators. In the words of the woman who was and still is Lucille Bluth and Malory Archer, she phoned Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz prior to Comic-Con, knowing someone would ask her about a new season. Hurwitz gave her the go-ahead to spill the “Buster busted” portion of the season-five martini, an apprehension depicted in the closing seconds of season four. And now we in the entertainment press have dutifully slipped upon the spill, continuing our part in this cosmic chicken dance that is the Arrested Development news cycle.