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Jessica Lucas to play ‘sexy’ cat-themed villain who isn’t Catwoman on Gotham


Fox has announced that Gracepoint co-star Jessica Lucas is joining the cast of Gotham, where she’ll play whip-wielding villainess Tigress, the sister of James Frain’s recently cast billionaire industrialist. The brother-sister pair, Theo and Tabatha Galavan, are harboring a vendetta against the titular city, and intend to use their wealth and power to sow chaos in the burg.

Tigress, who debuted in the comics all the way back in 1938, is described as “sexy, violent, and toting a bullwhip,” suggesting that the people writing the network’s casting notices should maybe take a cold shower some time. Especially since it goes on to say that “She’s the opposite of her cold and calculating brother–deriving a sensual pleasure from the violence and mayhem she’s tasked with.” Sheesh.


Anyway, given that Tigress is a feline-themed, whip-toting bad lady with S&M overtones, this is how we imagine the conversation bringing her into the show might have gone:

EXECUTIVE: Hey, you know who people like? That Catwoman. We should do Catwoman on the show.

WRITER: Um, we’re already doing Catwoman, she’s 14, she’s kind of tough and cool

EXECUTIVE: 14?! Jesus Christ, man, you’re going to get us arrested! No, no, I want Catwoman. The sexy lady with the whip. Do Catwoman.


WRITER: Well, I mean, there’s some other characters we could maybe repurpose

EXECUTIVE: Yeah, you do that. Hey, you folks are the best, but I gotta run, I got a meeting with Guttenberg’s people.



Anyway, that’s how we think it might have gone.


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