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Jessica Jones and Trish have a run-in with the law in new season 2 photos

Marvel's Jessica Jones

The first season of Jessica Jones saw the titular hero’s best friend Trish Walker steadily grow into a dependable ass-kicker, even helping take down main villain Kilgrave by the end of the 13-episode arc. It’s understandable she would want to become more involved in Jessica’s various heroism-related activities (and possibly move closer to becoming Hellcat), even if it does her no favors to stand near Jessica while fighting, as the super-powered detective has a habit of making everyone around her resemble muscle-less weaklings in comparison. Still, as these new photos released by Marvel demonstrate, season two will find both Trish and Jessica getting into trouble with the law, a turn of events approximately as surprising as the sun rising this morning.


This suggests Jessica’s run-ins with the law are about to become a regular occurrence, given how the trailer for The Defenders begins. Details on the new season’s narrative are still scarce, outside of Janet McTeer being added as a mystery character, so for now we can only speculate as to the cause of this legal tangle. Bar fight? Breaking and entering? Failure to properly obey a left turn signal? The world may never know—at least, until the new season begins. No release date has been announced yet.

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