(Photo: Getty Images, Andreas Rentz)

TVLine is reporting that two-time Oscar nominee Janet McTeer will be joining the second season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones series. She’ll be playing someone who “will have an enormous impact” on the life of Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), but that’s literally all we know about her. Jessica Jones doesn’t have a very big supporting cast in the comics, especially considering the way the Netflix shows have remixed existing characters to suit different needs, so it’s hard to say if she’s even playing some important figure from the Marvel universe. Basically, the fact that we don’t know her name either means that giving it away would be a big spoiler, or that it would be totally meaningless and irrelevant.

In a statement, executive producer Melissa Rosenberg said that they “couldn’t be more excited” to work with McTeer, adding that “her gravitas and authenticity are the perfect ingredients” for the kind of story that the show will tell in its new season. Of course, we don’t know anything about that story yet, but at least it will have an acclaimed actor on board.