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Against everyone’s better judgment, Jake Gyllenhaal is returning to video game adaptations with a movie based on Tom Clancy’s The Division from Ubisoft. The erstwhile (and regrettable) Prince Of Persia is starring in and producing the film, which has wisely chosen to bring Jessica Chastain on board. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chastain is in talks to lead the film with Gyllenhaal, though if anyone involved has any sense, they’ll just focus on the Zero Dark Thirty and Huntsman: Winter’s War star.

Chastain’s role hasn’t been announced yet, but she’ll presumably play the kind of person who could probably singlehandedly restore law and order to a besieged New York City. Maybe she’ll suggest to Gyllenhaal’s character that he just sit this one out at some point, or focus on taking out the same bad guys in some midtown alley so he can get the perfect hat. The director and release date have yet to be announced.


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