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That headline probably reads like a joke, but Colin Farrell literally calls Jessica Chastain a “loose cannon” in the trailer for Ava, a new action-thriller from The Girl On The Train director Tate Taylor. And with that sentence, you have almost everything you need to decide whether or not this movie is of interest to you. One more thing: Jessica Chastain gets to wear lots of fun wigs (including the same one from X-Men: Dark Phoenix???) because she’s playing an assassin. Oh, and here’s the trailer:

If Ava sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because the film caused a bit of controversy in pre-production, back when it was called Eve. Screenwriter Matthew Newton was originally set to direct, but in 2018, multiple allegations of domestic violence and assault surfaced, forcing him to step down. He was replaced by Taylor, who previously directed Chastain in the Oscar-nominated doo-doo pie movie.


The film, which is set to debut on September 25, stars Chastain as an assassin who’s developed a habit of talking to her targets, which is why Farrell’s character calls her a “loose cannon.” John Malkovich plays her mentor, who has a paternal affection for the eponymous assassin. Ava also stars Joan Chen (!) and Geena Davis—an obvious reference to her role in The Long Kiss Goodnight, or at least it better be because why the hell else do you put Geena Davis in an assassin movie?! Oh right, this was directed by Tate “Ma” Taylor.

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